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Welcome to Dogworks! If you're looking for professional, friendly and effective dog training and behaviour services, then you're in the right place! We offer one-to-one private training in the comfort of your own home, where both you and your dog can relax and be yourselves! All of our training is done by positive reinforcement, which is kind, fair and effective, and never harmful or cruel for your dog.

All of our training is tailored to suit both your dog and yourself, no matter what kind of lifestyle you might have. All of our basic puppy and dog training has been created with domestic obedience in mind, then once your dog has completed the basics, we can move on to more advanced training!

Who can take part in training sessions?

Everyone! The whole family, or just you and your dog! Dogs, and dog owners of any fitness level or ability can take part in all of our training, and we are more than happy for children to take part too!

Where do we cover?

You don't even need to leave the comfort of your own home, as we come to you! We currently cover all TN and BR postcodes. We also cover the following postcodes; DA2, DA3, DA4, DA9, DA10, DA11, DA12, DA13, ME1, ME2, ME5, ME6, ME14, ME15, ME16, ME17, ME18, ME19, ME20, RH7, RH8, RH9, RH18, RH19. We can travel to areas near to the above postcodes, but we might have to charge a little extra for fuel costs.

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